Playlist vom 20.9.2018

  1. Harvey Rushmore & The Ocotopus – Slime On The Beach
  2. The Goon Sax – Make Time 4 Love
  3. Jetstream Pony – Not The One
  4. Botschaft – Sozialisiert in der BRD
  5. Bodega – How Did This Happen!?
  6. Tony Molina – Nothing I Can Say
  7. Low – Always Trying To Work It Out
  8. Oneohtrix Point Never – We’ll Take It
  9. Boytoy – It’s Alright
  10. Best Coast – Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows
  11. Grouper – Driving
  12. Yumi Zouma – In Camera
  13. Bad Sports – Don’t Deserve Love
  14. Dirty Projectors – Blue Bird
  15. Gulp – Silver Tides
  16. Gruff Rhys – Selfies In The Sunset

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1 Kommentar zu “Playlist vom 20.09.2018”

  1. Chris Mabbs sagt:

    I really enjoyed your show! You have great musical taste.
    I particularly like jetstream pony and the goon sax.
    Could I email you the tracks from my band’s single? It’s a split single with a song each from All Ashore! and Thee Mightees.
    Let me know where to send it if you’re interested.
    Keep up the good work!



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